Hello Again

      So I know that I am not very good at writing or blogging, but starting now I am going to try a lot harder. It is moving up the ranks and becoming a priority. At least in the top 10. Here it goes...

      Over the past year my life has evolved. My style of photography has changed. Even what I want to photograph has altered. I decided last July that I wanted to be a wedding photographer. When I photographed my first wedding a few years ago with one of my school friends a little light lit up inside me. Over time though I could not remember how much I loved it because I was focused on different school assignments and getting my degree. I finished school last October and followed my passion to because a wedding photographer. Since then I have photographed 4 weddings. I have a few more booked this year but it definitely has not moved at the pace that I wanted it to. So last month I decided to take it further and join a couple of wedding photography websites to get more work. Sadly, just like anything else people don't really hire you if you don't have to much work to show. So it's an endless cycle. Another change is that I started working for Miss Darcy Photography which is a photography company based out of Orange County as their photo editor and main wedding photographer. The editing is my main job though and it's a different side of photography that I never focused on before. I definitely have a new respect for editing.

      I am very happy that I finally found my specific passion in photography. I always knew that I wanted to become a photographer. Ever since I was young and decided I wasn't a very good model and singing probably wasn't a logical idea. Now I specialize in couples portraits and weddings. I do still like to photograph senior portraits and things like that. I just love it when you have two people and their emotions and body language play off of each other. Making each of my weddings or couples sessions special in a different way. My favorite photograph to capture in the sessions is "the look". You know the one. The one that says I love you with all of my soul and will love you until the end of time. Those are the moments that stay with me. 

      I am also very thankful that I have such a supportive and understanding man beside me. My boyfriend Tanner second shoots for me at weddings and comes along on sessions to help any way he can. Even if it's just being reflector boy or carrying the equipment. All though he did not major in photography, I think that it is a nice hobby that he is starting to love more and more. 

     Thank you for reading my little insite into what has happened to me over the past year. I hope you enjoyed it and are excited to see what I have in store for you next. I will be posting a new blog post once a month. Even if I don't have a specific portrait session or wedding to show you. It will remind me that sometimes I just need to get out and explore with my man at my side and camera in my hand. Like my favorite quote say at the moment, "Have camera, will travel." 

Until next time.

Heather Jean