2016. Trying to think of the words to sum up this year has been tough. This year has been amazing and a challenge at the same time. I decided to put half my time into growing my business and making myself a name in wedding photography business. The other half into my editing job. Deciding to put all this time into photography wasn’t difficult for me but everything changing took time to get used to. June was when I decided that I wanted to take the next step and fully put myself out there so I would book more weddings. I joined 3 different wedding photography websites and they haven’t gotten me much work. But even if people just consider hiring me as their photographer I feel like I have taken a step in the right direction. Everything just takes time. I successfully photographed 4 wedding this year, not including the wedding portraits I am doing on New Year’s Eve. My goal for next year is to double that number. I have one booked and one in the works. I am also attending a couple of weddings as a guest which is also lovely.


This year I also

·      Went to Disneyland a bunch of times

·      Snowboarding + sledding in Big Bear, CA

·      Became a partial season ticket holder for the Anaheim Ducks for the 3rd year

·      Met Hampus Lindholm from the Anaheim Ducks

·      Celebrated my 6th anniversary with the love of my life

·      Attended the super bloom in Death Valley National Park

·      Spent the night in Las Vegas

·      Took my first solo trip with my boyfriend to Mammoth Mountain for snowboarding

·      Ran around the Laws Railroad Museum

·      Kissed inside in the rain at LACMA

·      Saw animals at the San Diego Zoo + Wild Animal Park

·      My boyfriend’s sister + favorite model graduated high school

·      Went to Playa Del Carmen Mexico for a big family trip

·      Parasailed

·      Concurred the Coba Ruins in Mexico

·      Swam with sharks

·      Walked with sting rays

·      Jet skied

·      Drank a delicious margarita at the bar with swings  

·      Played Pokémon GO for a quick minute

·      Bought/received my first “real art”, Thomas Kincaid Disney wraps

·      Soaked up the sun in Baja California

·      Ate peanuts + cracker jacks at a couple Angels baseball game

·      Camped in Joshua Tree National Park for the Perseid meteor shower

·      Photographed my first meteor

·      Drove through two wild fires

·      Took a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway to Bodega Bay

·      Finally made it to Point Reyes + want to go back

·      Walked 308 stepped down a cliff to a lighthouse

·      Walked 308 steps up a cliff from the lighthouse and almost died

·      Had another family trip in Bodega Bay, CA

·      Stopped in San Francisco

·      Showcased my work at my first wedding expo

·      Got scared for 21 nights at Knott’s Scary Farm

·      Made a friend out of a monster

·      Attended a Halloween Party

·      Saw Us the Duo + Pentetonix

·      Got closer with my best friend

·      Ate macaroons

·      Met Stoner + Thompson from the Anaheim Ducks

·      Made gingerbread house

·      Bought a Christmas tree with my grandparents

·      Lost my cat at 18

·      Saw the Nutcracker

·      Celebrated my 7th Christmas with the same man

·      Photographed 5 weddings