Why wedding photography


When I was seventeen and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I thought back on things that I loved to do. I enjoyed singing, but sadly I was not the best at that. I liked acting but I was as good at that as singing. Then I thought of photography. I always had a camera in my hand. Why not learn how to properly use it? 

So I pursued photography and went to the Art Institute of California. Two years in, I second shot my first wedding with one of my friends. I didn't get paid for my photos, but I did get all the rights, which at the time I thought was pretty awesome. Looking back now, I probably would have been better off with the money, haha! But the best thing that happened that day was the fire that lite within my heart. I loved everything about the wedding day: the fast pace, the love everyone was sharing, the atmosphere. Right then and there I told my friend that I wanted to be a wedding photographer. In my last two years of college, I took on all the weddings that came my way. Each wedding held different challenges and I learned a lot along the way. With each unique day and experience, my love for it only grew. 

Now I'm working towards being a full time wedding photographer. The whole process has been harder than I expected. I knew the wedding industry was competitive but it was more than I expected. So, here I am. Doing my part in sharing my journey with you. It is a challenge for me to write these blog posts and get my thoughts out in a coherent manner, but I'm turning a new leaf. I want to share my journey, my art, my passion. I hope you enjoy my teaser photo, and look forward to some wedding blog posts soon!


Thank you for reading my story/rant.

Heather Jean