Gillian | ARTIC

I watched them build ARTIC for the last year or so. I didn't know what it would be like when it was done but I am thoroughly impressed. The whole building is made of glass and there are lights on the inside that make the whole thing glow and change colors at night. When our Anaheim Ducks win it glows orange, and when its the Anaheim Angels it glows red. The whole structure can really take your breath away... The first time I went in it I knew that I wanted to take a model in there and shoot. I posted a photo up on my Instagram and  waited until someone said they wanted to model for me. I ran into Gillian and she said she was dying to model for me inside of ARTIC. I was excited!! So we picked the day and the photos tell the rest. I was a little nervous to go into ARTIC without a permit, but I brought my student ID just in case. There was a security guard in there, he posed for me to take his picture. It's not quite done yet, even though its open. But I am super excited to go back when it is!