Deziree + Emma + Jeff | Joshua Tree

    Adventure, when I contacted Deziree, Emma and Jeff I told them I wanted to go on an adventure. I think one of my dreams is to become an adventure photographer. As well as a wedding photographer and portraits and so on and so on. I can never make up my mind with what kind of photography I want to do. But I know that my heart belong to my camera and the world around me. I love going places and capturing candid moments of people reacting to new locations for the first time. For this adventure we went to Joshua Tree National Park! It was a blast, long drive, but when you are with friends the time just flies by. We even stopped at the "Worlds Biggest Dinosaurs'!" Which was a fun little stop to get our rear ends out of the car. As soon as we got to Joshua Tree, our first stop was the ranger station. They were very helpful telling us where beautiful places were and giving us a map with our adventures circled on it. Exploring all the rock and trees is a memory I will never forget. I also took photos of these two lovely girls, and silly me I didn't even ask their names!! So a big thank you to you two! I hope that this adventure inspires you to get up and go somewhere!! Enjoy!!