Large Format Fun!!

         While in school I have had to take a lot of different photography classes. Some I liked, and some not so much. One class that particularly sparked my interest was large format class. We learned all about how to use large format cameras, and there different tilt shift angles. Pushing myself in the technical aspect and in the creative aspect of the class I came up with the idea of mother nature for my final project. 

       Finding a model was not that hard. I had the beautiful Gillian in mind already, to showcase the younger more magical side of mother nature. The location wasn't very hard either, the Oak Canyon Nature Center, is a beautiful spot that I have visited my whole life. Getting a permit to shoot there and carrying all the gear around was the hard part. The large format camera + tripod = WAY TO HEAVY. So I called upon my wonderful assistants to help me carry around all of my equipment and extra props for the shoot. 

       In the end, I am very happy with my outcome and the only thing that I wish differently is that I used film instead of instant film to shoot the project. It would have kept better and been easier for me to transfer to digital media, rather than just being able to admire them in your hand.